Trevor Jones, Don Diablo, and Alotta Money bring you the convergence of NFTs, traditional physical art, programmatic art, music, and augmented reality in the boundary-shifting ΞTHΞRΞAL collection.

ΞTHΞRΞAL is the coming of age of EthBoy. The original EthBoy was designed as a programmatic art piece that dynamically changes scenes every day based on the price of ETH, gas prices, and other factors, taking viewers through a five year journey over ten chapters. Today, the first chapter of Vitalik’s adventure is being memorialized as a 1 of 1 NFT with ΞTHΞRΞAL, capturing the vivid and unpredictable journey of Vitalik through the gates of heaven and to the depths of hell over the first six months of EthBoy’s existence. Vitalik has traversed time and dimensions as the flagbearer of the entire Ethereum movement.

Trevor, Don, and Alotta Money’s collective efforts represent their commitment to the Ethereum community and innovations in art that are only made possible with blockchain technology. ΞTHΞRΞAL consists of a 1 of 1 NFT, a signed physical painting of the Ethereum logo that doubles as augmented reality art and music paying tribute to the community, and a signed physical print of the original EthBoy painting.

Further, the collector of ΞTHΞRΞAL will receive revenue share from the future sales of the additional 9 chapters of the EthBoy journey (one chapter each every 6 months). The winning bidder will receive 20% of sales proceeds of EthBoy chapter 2 and 10% of sales proceeds of EthBoy chapter 3. Over time, the revenue share will decrease to approximately 5% of sales proceeds for the last few chapters. Winning collectors of each future piece will also participate in the communal revenue share. This is the first time that an NFT collection will bring together collectors over time that all have stakes in the collection as it’s still evolving.


CREATORS: Trevor Jones, Alotta Money, Don Diablo, MaxStealth
OWNER: krybharat
SOLD: 150Ξ
CURRENT ETHEREUM PRICE: $1,585.97 -0.65%

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