HΞXAVΞRSΞ by Don Diablo (2022): the world’s first “phygital” portal to the Metaverse

This summer the first physical meets digital outdoor art sculptures by Don Diablo (2/2) in Hong Kong and Shanghai were launched in collaboration with K11 Musea and Sotheby’s. A door to the FUTURΞ, a portal to a new world on public view in two iconic locations!

HΞXAVΞRSΞ by Don Diablo is a cross- disciplinary creative endeavour for the public, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. Its cross-continental nature links the western world with Asia as well as a completely unknown MetaVerse.

Diablo has been leading the way in the world of digital art and NFTs, dissolving the boundaries between art, music, fashion and technology. The heated discussion about the creation of a new digital world both scare and excite people as they look forward to its endless possibilities but also fear the impact to our social community. Diablo hopes to bridge the gap by bringing a piece of the Metaverse into the real world and open the door to invite people to discover what lies beyond the physical world and also within our imaginations…

HΞXAVΞRSΞ (2022) will remain on public display in Hong Kong and Shanghai till December 18th 2022.


CREATORS: Don Diablo
OWNERS: Don Diablo