While the mainstream media’s attention has largely focused on the idea of NFTs for visual artists, NFTs are equally groundbreaking in the world of fashion, music, and gaming. The disruption that NFTs bring to all cultural verticals is only just beginning. Don Diablo stands out as one of the earliest pioneers pushing the boundaries of musicians experimenting with NFTs.

Don has been making music, producing music, and supporting musicians both as a DJ and through his own platform, Hexagon, since he was 12. Diagnosed with severe heart and lung failures aged 10, Don was not expected to live past his teens, and he made it an early priority to build his own creative future. Musicians like Don are leading the way in the production of NFTs within the world of music, in turn collapsing the traditional boundaries between creative mediums. Musicians, who often have had much larger audiences than artists, are starting to understand the unique value proposition embedded in NFTs after years of seeing their revenue streams cut off by online platforms, streaming, and a reduction in the physicality of the musical object. In Don’s own words:

“NFTs provide the ultimate form of freedom for expression. There are no rules, there is plenty of room for innovation and most of all disruption. It’s a space where you can finally combine different disciplines into one piece. The crossover between art, music, visuals and tech all coming from one and the same artist is what I specialize in and this digital renaissance is what I have been preparing for most of my life. This period in time truly feels full circle. The FUTURE is NOW.”

Don’s work for Natively Digital, INFINITΞ FUTURΞ, showcases a multi talented artist working across multiple creative fields with a foundation of blockchain technology. INFINITΞ FUTURΞ is a mixture between a digital art piece, a physical piece, and a glimpse of the future. The digital part of the NFT is a mesmerizing visualization of an infinite loop showing an energy form trapped in a constantly evolving maze, symbolizing the inevitable circle of life. The NFT is stored on a unique cartridge which can be inserted into a custom-made, “one-of-one”, transparent hologram cabinet. Once inserted, it will bring your NFT to life, creating a unique piece of art which is sure to captivate the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. And yet that is only the beginning.

Don mentions that “buying an NFT or any other form of digital art should simply mark the start of an adventure.” This is where the NFT gets truly interesting. The digital art piece which is stored on the cartridge is actually just the beginning of the story. Over time, Don will be able to supply more unique digital art pieces at any given moment from any part of the world directly into the art piece. This direct developing relationship Don offers with the collector stands out as a truly original gesture that combines a deep understanding and respect for the possibilities of the medium with a total commitment to his practice.

INFINITΞ FUTURΞ positions the NFT as not just the original token but one that binds the collector with the artist on chain and creatively. In the work, Diablo again reasserts his claim to be one of the most forward-thinking creatives operating in the space today.


CREATOR: Don Diablo
SOLD: 927,500$